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Japanese sword proshop "Siseido".

The Japanese Sword "The Japanese sword is the soul of the samurai."
Have you ever seen a blade as beautiful as this?

The Japanese samurai sword is said to have the most beautiful blade in the world.
The Japanese sword has a sharp, fine blade. In addition to that, the shape of the blade (Sugata), the design of the tempered edge of the blade (Hamon), the visible design of the grain of the sword steel (Hada), the misty appearance that borders the Hamon (Nioi),and the sword tang(Nakago) are all to be admired.

Albeit subjective, one can perceive the elegant sophistication that the blade holds.
The sword's spiritual value is expressed in the phrase, "The Japanese sword is the soul of the samurai." The mountings of the Japanese sword, Koshirae, often reflect the character and quality of the sword. Just as one could comprehend the sensibilities of the wearers by the choices of clothing; similarly, one can anticipate the character and quality of the sword by examining the Koshirae.

Guarantee system

To-Sui-An Shiseido provide following guarantee system, so you can shop safely.

  • Customer want to Sell their sword to Our shop Except for those sword bearing with No Signature.
    For those Customer who wants to Sell a sword With Signature Our shop will Buy for 70%.

    We will Issue an Certificate of Authenticity.

    A Certificate of Authenticity limited only Three(3) years within from the date of sale and Limited only to the person described written in Warranty Certificate and it has the right to sell a sword.

    * In Cases that 3 years over in time it defends to the ups or downs of Market rate Fluctuatious.

    Return Policy;
    Please E-mail Us If you like to Return the Item.Please provide the following Instruction.

    * For the Returns, make it sure the sword must in a good condition as they were sent out. In case a sword has a damage, we will charge the customer for repair of damages. We will Refund the payment but There are changes to a price it defends to the Current Market Rate.

    • Customer must send the Item to our Shop After we received the Returned Item Our shop  will Examine the Returned Item within one week We will send you an E-mail Regarding to the Returned Item.
    • Customer are Responsible for all Shipping and other Insurance fees for the Returned Items.
    • All Refund Payment must in Japanese Yen Rate.
  • Sword with Signature Only.
    The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords. The Japanese Sword Museum. Has the Authority in Judging the Authenticity of a swords,And If it is determined the Sword is( False ) Customers must Return the Sword First and In Exchange We will Refund the Payment in Full amount as the same method as payment.
  • If the Customer bought a sword at the other shop and later they want to sell Through our shop, We will Buy for that in the Reasonable Current Market price.

Revised Editon 2009/1/1

About us

  • To Our Valuable Japanese Sword Collectors
    A Japanese Sword Provides a Spiritual Inspiration.Samurai who loves to collect a Japanese sword to fully Appreciate the Subtle Beauty of the Japanese Sword.Worldwide Noticed that a Japanese sword past the point were the crafts becomes Art.Value is the great expense like property.By means of that A Japanese sword can give you also an Spiritual Inspiration.
  • To Our Valuable Customers Specially to Foreign Nationals who want to Buy and Sell a Japanese Sword.
    Here in Japan We sale a Japanese Sword . We also do the Exportation specially Customer in other Country. This are the following Information you have to do When placing an Order. A Customer must send the item you want to order through our shop E-mail address. when we received the item you order we will send you an E-mail as soon as possible.Next, the Payment Information all payment will only be Accepted through Bank Transfers. After We have confirmed your payment We may only Start Filling the Application In Japan Government Export Authorization. The Application and the approval process usually Approximately two weeks. Last Shipping Information for International orders we will shipped the order item through Express Mail Service. Delivery of the item you order will also takes about three weeks more or less.Hoping your Kind and Consideration.

    A Customer Who want to Sell a sword First Customer must send a Photo of the sword with Clear Zoom-Inn.Send it Through our shop E-mail Address, After we received the mail,We will ask the a Customer to send the sword.Our Shop will Examine the sword. From Our shop we will send an E-mail about the decision Regarding to the sword and to the price. If there is no problem we will discuss to you about the other Information Regarding On How To send and the Payment System. Please See the Guarantee Systems Page for other Information.
  • Our Shops Reminders(We do not Buy the following It is UN-ACCEPTABLE)
    ・Second World War II
    ・Army ( production)
    ・Weapons covered with Rust. Even if sharpen it.
    ・Communist are not acceptable
    ・For those Country who are not having a Government Diplomatic Relation to Japan are not acceptable.
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Sat. Sun. and holidays 10:00AM-5:00PM

Excluding Obon and New Year's holiday.

If you would like an appraisal on your sword, please call us before visiting.

Representative Koutarou Shimojo
Founded in June 1st, 1985
Business Content Selling, appraising, and customizing Japanese sword
Approved art dealer by the Nagano prefecture 481059700007
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